Specialty Practice

Notarial Practice, Upholding Public Trust

Our team of professionals can assist you in processes that include:

  • Lease Agreements
  • Construction Contracts
  • Powers of Attorney (national and international attorneys-in-fact and principals) and Letters of Attorney
  • Document Legalization, Apostille
  • Notarial Deeds
  • Testate and Intestate Succession Proceedings
  • Voluntary Proceedings

As part of MERITAS, we are a law firm with access to different jurisdictions, staffed by professionals whose principles align with those of S.C.

At MRA Legal, we work hand in hand with the accounting and auditing departments of our clients to address the following topics:

  • Advisory on audit procedures, detailed examination, and/or requirements of the relevant administrative authority.
  • Defense in resources or tax-related proceedings.
  • Estate planning.
  • Tax structuring and advisory for national and international corporate groups.
  • Inventory disposal.

Corporate Law

Our team of professionals can assist you in processes that include:

  • Due diligence processes; comprehensive advisory, establishment and registration of corporate entities; commercial contracts, dispute resolution, and transactions.

Immigration Law

  • Temporary and Permanent Residency
  • Transit Visas
  • Business Visas
  • Exist Restrictions Checks
  • Certifications
  • Immigration Control Certifications
  • Naturalizations
  • Registration of Consular Births

Health Registrations
and Business Licenses

Health Reegistrations for Products

Comprehensive advisory on the management and procurement of health registrations, necessary for the import and commercialization of the following products:


  • Processed Foods
  • Hygiene and Cleaning Products
  • Toiletry Products
  • Cosmetic Products
  • Dietary Supplements
  • Solid, Liquid, and Semi-Solid Medications
  • Surgical Medical Supplies

Health Licenses

Efficient management of Health Licenses for establishments related to people’s health:

  • Distributor
  • Drugstore
  • Pharmacy
  • Medical Clinic
  • Clinical Laboratory
  • Health Center
  • Hospital
  • Gym
  • Beauty Salon

Technical Administration

Professional technical advisory ensuring compliance with current regulations established by the Ministry of Health of Guatemala. Technical Administration, also referred to as Health Administration, is a requirement for obtaining and maintaining any health licenses issued by the Ministry of Health of Guatemala. It is required for entities engaged in the marketing of products or services. Below are some industries that require health licenses and health administration:

    • Drugstore
    • Pharmacy
    • Manufacture, storage, handling, and distribution of food
    • Manufacture, storage, and distribution of toiletry and related cosmetics.
    • Clinical Laboratories

    Intellectual Property

    • Registration, management, and defense of portfolios of Intellectual Property, Copyright, and related rights
    • Registration of distinctive signs (trademarks, trade names, and advertising signs), renewals, modifications, and transfers.
    • Watch Service (brand portfolio surveillance service)
    • Patent for Invention
    • Industrial Design
    • Utility Model
    • Protection of works (Copyright and Related Rights)
    • Domain Names (registration and maintenance)
    • Licensing agreements, transfer/change of name of the owner
    • Intellectual Property and unfair competition litigation

    Procedural Law

    • Civil litigation
    • Commercial litigation
    • Labor litigation
    • Tax administrative litigation
    • Administrative litigation in general, administrative disputes, etc.
    • Execution of judicial powers of attorney
    • Release of Seizures and restrictions to exit the country
    • Voluntary and ordinary divorces
    • Mediations before the Judicial Authority
    • Civil, Commercial, Criminal, and Intellectual Property litigation

    Labor Law

    Closely related to the practice of corporate law:


    • Labor due diligence procedures and audits for Human Resources
    • Creation of Internal Work Regulations
    • Labor advisory based on types of contractual relationships with employees
    • Prevention of labor contingencies
    • Employer units
    • Substitutions of employers
    • Review and advisory on internal disciplinary procedures
    • Advisory and execution of power of attorney in Real Estate Law

    Real State Law

    We assist the client from the vision of their real estate project to its effective conclusion:


    • Promise of Sale Contracts
    • Sales Contracts
    • “Escrow” Arrengements
    • Property registry and expert investigations, property owners, and possessors of real estate of interest
    • Lease Contracts
    • Real Estate Project Structuring Advisory (warehouses, apartments, etc.)
    • Establishment of Horizontal Property Regimes
    • Assistance in obtaining of construction permits or real estate modifications permits