The team at MRA Legal

Our Team

Maria Mercedes
Marroquín de Pemueller

Attorney and Notary

Pedro Pablo
Marroquín Pérez

Attorney and Notary

Claudia Guisela
Andrade Cardona

Attorney and Notary

Arriola Rivera

MRA Legal Administrator

Miriam Lucía
García Soto

Attorney and Notary

Brenda Rocío
Gómez López

Intellectual Property

Gómez Rodríguez

Civil and Commercial Contracts,
Labor Law

Gabriela María
Ruíz López

Attorney and Notary

Kimberly Gabriela
Vargas Celada

Attorney and Notary

Our Philosophy

Since its beginning in 1987, MRA Legal has been in constant growth, providing services to corporate and individual clients in Guatemala and abroad. We aim to be a support in the development of ideas, operations, and investments for our clients, through efficient and honest advisory services.