Marroquín, Pérez y Asociados, S.C. is a law firm headquartered in Guatemala City, Guatemala, which has provided legal services of the highest quality since the beginning. It was stablished based on principles of excellence, honor, and trust. The firm has successfully positioned itself in our jurisdiction as a law office with firm values representing both domestic and international clients from several countries.

Our Services

Civil and Commercial Law

Civil and Commercial affairs of our clients.

Tax Law

Planning and fiscal defense.

Corporate Law

Establishment, legal advice, amendment, auditing, merges, and acquisitions of corporations and companies. Due Diligence processes.

Intelectual Property

Registration, management, and defense of Intellectual Property related issues.

Procedural Law

Litigation on Civil, Commercial, Intellectual Property, and Criminal matters.

Administrative Law

Contracts. Immigration and alien affairs. Procedures before public entities.